Positive Energy from Sobriety

Becoming sober is definitely not an easy task, as addiction is a disease. Living a life style that is sober can be a daunting task at times because of the intense influence society delivers.

I’ve been sober now for almost 4 years and I treat every sober day as a blessing. The positive energy I create within myself and see in others is astounding. I breathe easier and think more clearly. One of the key things that has changed in my life is the perception of events and situations. Before I became sober for the second time, I viewed my life as me being the victim. Everything was happening to me and my lack of energy or aspirations didn’t have anything to do with it. I was obviously wrong in thinking those things because my active addiction had everything to do with it. I used to be tired and lethargic, but now I’m full of Faith, Love and Hope.

Through my sobriety, I can see life as it is intended to be and how everything is aligned. Living life in active recovery is a dream come true and I hope / pray many more people can experience or do experience the freedom I have.

Revealing Your True Self

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