Are Addicted People Really “Wired Differently”?

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wired differently

There was a time, up until quite recently if I’m being honest, that I gained a quiet comfort from the notion that because I was once unable to function without alcohol, I am “wired differently”. After all, in addiction recovery circles we hear that on a consistent basis and for some of us it has almost become a mantra. However, the more deeply I delve into life having recovered from chemical addiction, the more I realize that perhaps I am not and never was as weird and wonderful as I’d once thought. It appears to me in fact, that I am just your commoner garden variety of human being and not a freakishly special nor defected one. Addicted people aren’t in fact, a breed of human created anatomically different with our wires abnormally connected. While we may have some quirks, we are very much like everyone else. However, I do…

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