Addiction – The Hidden Mask

Addictions Hidden Mask


Addiction’s Hidden Mask is a book about a 23 year old’s 30 day journey through a treatment center in Center City, Minnesota.

I know from personal experience about this book, because I was the one who went through Hazelden’s Treatment Center for 30 days and I wrote this book.  This book is literally my journal of each day I was in treatment and a few days after I left treatment.  There is a critical letter in the book that I continue to read to this day, 11 years later.  The critical letter I continue to read is called a Letter to My Demon.  My demon happened to be alcohol and in this book you will find my personal letter to my Demon – Alcohol and my Mother’s letter to my Demon – Alcohol as well.

Now that I live my life sober after a second go-a-around in a treatment center, La Hacienda, I have been living in active recovery for almost 4 years.  Being sober is part of it, but living in active recovery and doing the daily things needed to live a successful, happy and motivating life.  Without my journey through Hazelden and La Hacienda, I would not be where I am today or possibly still alive. I attribute my foundation of recovery to both of the organizations that helped give me the tools to live free.

In Addiction’s Hidden Mask, you will find that you are not alone living with addiction.  If you are contemplating on going to receive help for addiction or have received help for addiction, I definitely recommend this book.

I usually try not to promote my own literature, but 1/2 of all proceeds are going to be donated to the Hazelden and La Hacienda Foundations in honor of the lost addict or alcoholic still searching for help with the Hidden Mask On.

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