Don’t Just Count Your Days, Make Your Days Count

Don’t Just Count Your Days, Make Your Days Count


Living with a dual-diagnosis of addiction and bipolar is challenging at times.  It is definitely a balancing act of emotions, feelings, wants, needs and how I am meeting those wants and needs in a healthy way.  Making Everyday Count is a philosophy I live by and it is critical to my success as a recovering alcoholic and a person with a mental disorder or illness. I did not necessarily choose this life, it chose me and I am doing things to use alcoholism and bipolar disorder to my advantage in how I write, research and implement self help strategies in my everyday life.

Sometimes the easy road is not always the right road to take. Making actions and changes happen today is essential, as tomorrow is not guaranteed.  You need to think of how you’d want to be remembered if you left earth today.  How would you change your life or actions to reflect the person you really are and are meant to be? Would you stop drinking, drugging and seek help? Tell someone you have not talked to in years that you love them and forgive them?

“If nothing changes, nothing changes” is a statement or quote I heard while I was at Hazelden Treatment Center and it still rings true to this day.  Even though I have been in active recovery or sober for almost 4 years, I still have to work at making changes everyday.  If I didn’t, I would be sitting steady and for a recovering alcoholic, sitting steady is never a good thing.  A person is always moving forward or backward and sitting in neutral is not an option to live a successful life in my life.  Now, I am not referring to changing the world everyday, but for example, maybe demonstrating more patience with a family member or a co-worker (student if your a teacher like I am).  This is a positive change that can have tremendous affects on your life and the life of that other person.  Letting someone know you care and treating them with patience will change the environment to one that is secure and optimistic, which leads to a smoother environment for you.

Making each day count is a great perception or lens to look through each day.  I am certain that if you change out your old lens to reflect a new clear one with optimism and positive perception, things will become more productive and worthwhile in your life. Life is all about your perception and how you see things and not living by what others think.

Is the glass half full or half empty? Cliche, of course, but is it true, yes.  Are you looking for the affirmative aspects in life or are you focusing on the small, minuet details that are holding you down?  An example was given above about patience… Now lets look at viewing life with a little bit of Faith, Hope and Love.

Having Faith and Hope in the greater good and letting your guard down will allow you to open up your eyes to see a different picture of the your current situations and scenarios.  Who knows, you may start seeing colors you have never seen before or people that have been trying to help you be more successful that you haven’t noticed before such as a boss, co-worker, wife, husband, son, daughter, student, etc.  After revealing your true self to yourself and getting to know who you really are by evaluating your perceptions, you can start thinking beyond yourself.  Instead of thinking, “what can I gain from this”, think in possible terms of “what can others gain from this”.  Some of life’s biggest lessons are when you are giving instead of receiving.  Thinking of others, will allow you to think of yourself differently and either be more thankful for what you have and/or change your actions / behaviors to reflect earning what you want to have, whether it be monetary or intellectual value.

Always Remember the Following:

“If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes” & “Don’t Just Count Your Days, Make Your Days Count”


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