Water Makes Us Beautiful. 10 Ways & Rules

I always loving reading fun facts about things! This is a great one on the simple element of water!

Healthy Lifestyle

Do u like water? Mmm.. To drench your body in shower? In morning or after a very hard day! To swim in the ocean or a crystal clear lake above and below those waves! Rain.. Do u like rain? To walk in rain, to let it mist your face? To catch the drops with lips like stealing the kisses? To smell trees and flowers while they release the sweet fragrance! The rain is magical. It puts a soul in transcendental mood. Rain can make you feel as if you are going through a one-on-one, an intimate moment with the God. Well! I love the water in every form. There is nothing like a glass of water after jogging, to feel the water saturate each and every cell of our body!

 10 ways through which water makes us beautiful:

  • The fresh clean water satisfies the thirst like no other liquid.
  • The…

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