Concerts and Sobriety

I’ve now been sober and/or in active recovery now for almost 4 years and going to social events with alcohol still catches my attention.  Could it be because I am a full blown alcoholic, living with bipolar and a generalized anxiety disorder… Who knows. Today I am going to my first concert I’ve been to since I have been in active recovery and I am excited.  I am going to be honest in saying that I am thinking since it is a Christian Concert, will they be serving alcohol and will I be able to smoke.  Smoking cigarettes is one of my unhealthy addictions / habits that I use when I am stressed out or anxious. Either which way, I know today I am going to stay in active recovery.

Some of the strategies I am going to use today are:

  • Staying Engaged with With Family – Often times when I was drinking, I would sneak off to go drink as many beers as I could while I was at the ‘bathroom’.  Today I am going to stay engaged in the music festival and really stay in-tuned to my family.  I will most likely just stay with them most of the time and not float off by myself, which is something I like to do when I am stressed or around a lot of people.
  • Take Breaks – I plan on inviting my wife, daughter, son or my mom / dad to take a break with me when I am anxious or go explore the venue booths.  I know like to be around my family and friends because I have nothing to hide or sneak, such as alcohol.  I plan on taking breaks in between bands and splurge a little bit with food and sweet tea.
  • Self-Awareness and Staying Positive – Last time I took my wife to a Chris Tomlin Concert, I wanted to leave early so I could get out of the parking lot first and get home to drink.  Today, I am going to be aware of the fun my family is having, in-turn equaling self awareness. I plan on staying positive and letting myself enjoy the spirit of the festival.  I plan to really engage in the music and listen to the lyrics kindheartedly. Music inspires me and this is a great opportunity to be inspired and motivated by song and the strength of the atmosphere.
  • Asking for Help – I am comfortable enough now, where I can ask a loved one for help when I am feeling anxious, overwhelmed or having a difficult time with my addiction.  Today, I will ask for help from a family member when I need it.

Going to social events can be fun living in sobriety if you have a plan before you leave your house.

Do you have a plan you use when going to social events such as: concerts or parties?

If so, please leave a response in the response area.

5 thoughts on “Concerts and Sobriety

    • I avoided things like this for 4 years and finally made the decision to go for it. Even though I feel solid in my recovery, I still take it one day at a time. I was anxious before I left the house and when I got there because I truly didn’t think it was going to be that crowded, but I used those strategies and settled in very well. It sounds like you are a music lover too… Listening to music has gotten me through some of the toughest times in my life.
      Keep on, Keeping on and have a Blessed Evening! Mark C


  1. Way to go! Recovery rocks.. Do to the nature of my work I am in the concert seen a lot. I manage a band Kendall Patrick and the Headless Bettys and I am also the art Director for Rock of the Woods Music Festival.

    Your plan is solid. My experience:

    I order a coca-cola or soda water something that I can hold.

    I have an exit strategy planned if I feel like leaving.

    I bring someone in recovery (family works too)!

    I believe in you.

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    • Your plan is solid as well and I really appreciate you sharing it with me. The all day Spirit Fest I went to yesterday was a success and I actually read your response while I was there listening to the bands play. I plan to look up the bands you work with to enjoy some new music and add more music to my arsenal. I always love listening to music and finding music to listen to. Music soothes my soul and I always have something playing on my phone, in my truck, etc. Thanks again for believing in me. I could feel the words “I believe in you” when I read it. Have a Wonderful Day! 🙂

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  2. I like to be up front, so if I get a good spot I’m not likely to drink because I don’t want to lose my good spot lol. And after getting to know and hanging out with some of my fave Christian bands (like the guys from Disciple and We As Human) I don’t even want to drink at their shows. There’s no way I could ever be drunk around Kevin from Disciple, I look up to him so much.

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