Pure Mania in Bipolar Disorder

Mania and depression are two main parts of bipolar disorder.

Manic episodes can create pure chaos in a persons life and lead to impulsive, sometimes fatal decisions.

At Revealing Your True Self Blog, I identified mania and how manic episodes are part of Bipolar Disorder. 

Please Check Out my Other Blog: Revealing Your True Self to receive more information about Pure Mania in Bipolar Disorder.

3 thoughts on “Pure Mania in Bipolar Disorder

  1. If you learn how to use mania, as many of us with Bi-Polar 1 have to, you find out you have “superpowers”. The trick is learning what’s biological and cool and what’s totally mania driven and uncool.

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    • I agree 100%! Its always important to utilize all of a persons abilities to live a successful life. Using those “superpowers” is a key element to empowerment and triumph!

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