Addiction Quotes

“Your Life Doesn’t Get Better By Chance, It Gets Better with Change” – John Rohn

“To Love an Addict is to Run Out of Tears” – Unknown

“I’m Not Telling You it is Going to be Easy, I’m Telling You it’s Going to be Worth it” – Unknown

Everyday of active recovery in my life is worth it and I am blessed to continue to live my life with the inner strength to stay in recovery.  IT’S WORTH IT!

“Addiction is a Serious Disease that Can End with Jail, Mental Institutions, or Death” – Russel Brand

“There is Nothing Wrong with Dedication to Your Goals, but if You Focus on Yourself, All the Lights Fade Away and You Become a Fleeting Moment in Life” – Pete Maravich

In recovery it is important to focus on yourself and your goals.  Recovery and AA was founded on 3 Things: Recovery, Unity and Service.  I relate this quote to the service part of Addiction and Recovery. 

“When You Can Stop You Don’t Want to, and When You Want to Stop, You Can’t” – Luke Davis

I truly enjoy reading quotes as inspiration and motivation to my daily life.  I read Hazelden’s Daily Mediation’s and Daily Devotions in the morning to start my day.  By doing this, it helps clear my mind and prepare for my day.  

Is there anything you do to prepare for your day?

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