Mental Health and Employment Poll / Survey

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I posted the graphic above on my Google+ Website and got a response from an individual asking me for evidence or to explain a reference that “you probably work with someone with a mental illness”. I firmly believe that people all of the world that have a mental illness or mental disorder such as, but not limited to: bipolar, depression, generalized anxiety disorder, etc, have employment or are adult volunteers and are productive members of society. I have bipolar disorder and an addiction disorder and I have a full time job as a teacher and baseball coach.  I know several individuals that I work with have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety.  As a vocation teacher of students with unique needs, I seek gainful employment for students with disabilities and mental health disorders that are employed in valuable employment opportunities.

Survey / Poll –

Mental Health Disorders and Employment

Thank you in advance for your time.  I know these questions may seem simple and obvious to most of you, but I wanted some data to include in my next response. – Mark C. 

7 thoughts on “Mental Health and Employment Poll / Survey

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    • I think it is cool that you are the go-to-gal at your school. I often have people ask me why certain students with higher needs are in vocation program and I tell them that everyone has unique talents and has a God given right to receive the education to make themselves the best for the world. 🙂 Mark

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      • I’m god with it. It’s frustrating that they have to ask if a kid can get a diploma simply because they have a mental illness…. however!!!! I’m happy that I am there to say, “Helllloooo” 🙂 it’s all good.

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