My Chains are Broken and I’m Set Free

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Difference between Living with an Addiction and Fighting an Addiction…

As a recovering alcoholic for 4 years and a guy that lived as an active alcoholic for 14 years, I know the difference between living with an addiction and fighting an addiction.

The first step to my life as a recovering alcoholic was acceptance.  It took me several years to accept that I was an alcoholic and needed help.  I was convicted of a DWI in 2003 year and ended up in jail, work-house and on house-arrest for an extended amount of time and it took that to get me to treatment the first time.  I still didn’t understand the difference between living as an alcoholic and fighting alcoholism everyday.  I now live as a recovering alcoholic 7 days a week / 365 days a year and it is because I know how to accept alcoholism as part of me.

The difference between living as a recovering alcoholic and a ‘dry-drunk’ is understanding how being in active recovery can provide you tremendous character strengths and self-awareness.  Living as an recovering alcoholic has lead me to really finding out who my true-self is and has opened my mind to living outside of the box.  I used to be so closed in with my addiction, I couldn’t express who I really was or my true-self for years, because I was afraid others would know about my addiction.  I thought I was successfully hiding my addiction to alcohol, while others were watching my pain and suffering daily.  I used to fight alcoholism and didn’t even know it.  I would fight it in ways of hiding it from others, hiding my mental instability because I did not want anyone to even consider to take it away from me.

Now I live writing blogs, books, expressing myself and beliefs on radio talk shows and am able to live with my addiction because I took the first step 4 years ago and that was accepting alcoholism as part of my life.  Throughout my journey, I have also turned over some of my fears and worries to my Higher Power, God.  Without sobriety and living in active recovery, I would have not been able to truly accept my Higher Power, God into my life.  I refer to my life now as having my “Chains broken and being set Free”. Without accepting my addiction as part of who I am and turning it over to my Higher Power, I would still be living shackled to a wall of despair and fear.  With breaking the chains of addiction, but knowing it is still there, I can live freely.

What Chains are Holding You Down Today? 

Are You Ready to Break Free from Those Chains and Accept Your True-Self?

2 thoughts on “My Chains are Broken and I’m Set Free

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey, always in awe of real life testimonies such as yours.
    Taking that 1st step and meeting with God’s grace. Great video.
    This story will have such a profound impact upon others as an addiction counselor and writer.
    Thank you so much for the follow.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It took me several years to open up and share my journey, but I finally had an epiphany that I could help serve others through my life of addiction and bipolar. I aspire to be an addiction counselor for youth, young adults and/or adults. As a teacher in special education for 13 years, I want to help those who are struggling with finding their way and/or are resorting to drugs and alcohol to possibly self-medicate.
      I really like your blog as well and your creative writing.
      I will be following it closely as you have beautiful insight.
      Have a Blessed Day and Thanks for the Follow! 🙂 Mark C.

      Liked by 1 person

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