(Ode to Alcohol)
“The queasy feeling in my stomach
The pounding in my head
The only thoughts in my mind
Were wishing I was dead

My forehead covered in cold sweats
Body shakes beyond control
The endless aching my bones
As you consumed my very soul

The minutes turned into hours
The hours turned into days
suddenly, every moment that I ever lived
Was just a smoke filled haze

As I watched my body waste away
And my life slowly coming to an end
I realized. That I was wrong
You’re the devil & not my friend

So, I’m taking back what’s left of my life
Not one more second will you dominate
I’ll bet the strength that lives in me
You didn’t anticipate

Cast your spell on someone else
Find another unsuspecting prey
I came to live, NOT to die
And my life begins TODAY…”
– Family Friend Poems

This poem makes me proud to be a recovering alcoholic and not an active one. The words of this poem churned up a lot of thoughts and emotions about what life use to be like when I was actively drinking alcohol. I don’t miss any of that heart-ache and body-ache one bit. Alcohol tried to destroy me as a mental, spiritual and physical being. When I hit rock bottom, I was able to pick myself up and crawl through the doors of recovery, one step at a time.

I read this poem and actually thought about an experience I had at Target today. I went in for an extension cord and every ounce of alcohol I passed, caught my eye. I’ve been in recovery for almost 4 years and realized again today that you can never get to comfy in recovery because addiction is always lurking in the shadows. This poem is a great reminder of where I’ve been and where I’m going, taking it one day at a time.

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life…. Make it Count! Mark C.

One thought on “Good-Bye

  1. It must be really difficult walking through a department store such as Target.
    The sale of alcohol is more “regulated” in my part of Canada where alcohol is sold out of government owned outlets. This is the only thing a person can purchase there.
    Thanks for sharing this. Also the poem is AMAZING!

    Liked by 1 person

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