Going Through Changes

Eminem – “Going Through Changes”

Eminem’s Interview on HLN News on Addiction and Recovery:

The song “Changes” by Eminem is one of my all time favorites he has written, produced and rapped. Eminem has been in active recovery for approximately 7 years, ranging back to 2008.  In his Rolling Stone interview, Eminem is quoted by saying the following: “There’s no one right way to get sober. But there are some essential ingredients: honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness to do whatever is needed. Especially willingness“. Willingness and honesty are two key points in getting sober and sustaining sobriety / active recovery.  This song speaks to truth, honestly and open-mindedness about his journey to recovery and his continuation of sobriety in recovery. Eminem, although has built a reputation of controversy in the beginning of his career, has given back to the community and society by providing hope on recovery from addiction and sharing his story openly with society.  As I have mentioned in a previous post, “if nothing changes, nothing changes” and I hold true to that as a recovering alcoholic and a person living a successful life with bipolar disorder. Part of joining and maintaining active recovery is a person’s willingness to accept the tough adversity in life and make changes accordingly.  Setting goals and aspirations for yourself is an important strategy to have and staying motivated towards those goals the be successful on the journey of recovery / life.

Remember, as it may be cliche’, Recovery is a Journey, Not a Destination and needs to be treated every day by staying active and giving effort in believing in yourself.  Self-worth and believing in your strengths, followed by accepting yourself is one of the most important parts, if not the most important part of recovery and being strong in your recovery.  Take a step and learn your strengths / weaknesses and build on both of those parts of your life.  Evaluate yourself in where you are today and where you want to be in life and come up with a plan to get there.  For instance, I work with students that are struggling to graduate high school and we have sat down to come up with benchmarks and a plan for them to meet their goal of graduation.  Benchmarks are vital in achieving and maintaining recovery. Choosing to participate in 1 AA meeting online or one down the road could be a benchmark during one week, because without a ‘map’, you may eventually get lost in where you are going.

Warning – Explicit Lyrics

Interview on 60 Minutes:

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    • Over the last several years of Eminem sharing his life story of recovery with the world, he has become a tremendous inspiration to me too. He has a unique and talented way with words in his music and his interviews and I agree, it is always intriguing. Have a Blessed Day – Mark C.

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