“Turn the Page”

“Turn the Page” Acoustic – Aaron Lewis

turn the page

Recovery is about continuing to turn the page of an endless book.  A person must be able to put the past behind them and live for the day, as today is a blessing.  Sometimes it might feel like your on a lonely and lonesome highway, but recovery is all about measuring your own progress in relation to where you have been and where your going.  

I got a response about a different blog post about a Higher Power being with you through adversity vs. your higher power not giving you more then you can handle.  I am very thankful for that response, as it opened my eyes and mind to view that concept a little bit differently.  I agree with that person’s response in saying your higher power is always with you through the journey of life and in adversity.  

I know some people do not believe a Higher Power helps them through recovery and that recovery is all about doing it on their own by just “not drinking”.  My response to that is no one should be here to judge how you stay in recovery / sobriety and if that is what works for you, by just not drinking, then I think it should be continued as long as your mind is being challenged.  In my past experience, going through treatment and sobriety the first time without really letting my Higher Power into my life, I became a ‘dry drunk’.  A guy that was miserable because I could not drink and I was angry about it.  Again, this is my personal experience and I know other people have their own experiences.  That is what is so great about blogging and reading other people’s articles / posts.  I read a lot of posts on a daily basis and if I can pick up at least one thing from it, then it is a success.  I believe that actively engaging my brain in reading posts about recovery, mental health and sobriety gives me opportunities to learn from others and it also allows dialogue to be created.  Without turning the page every day in my life and educating myself on other people’s experiences, logic and facts, it would eventually create a status of being idle and in my personal experience, idle is not a good thing.  

I truly feel blessed that some of my posts create dialogue and that I am able to post responses to other peoples blogs.  It’s all about turning the page of an endless book called life and it is important to be able to refer to the past, like in a book, but now re-read all of the chapters.  Another great thing is you are writing each page everyday.  You are in control of what is in your book regarding all of the words and actions you take each day.  

What is your page today going to say or show through pictures?

2 thoughts on ““Turn the Page”

  1. I too have been that person that was you have do it this way to be sober or clean. Or you have do it that way. It took me a while, but I relapsed. I relied on me, not a higher power. That’s been years ago. Now, after my husbands suicide, the same principles apply. I can’t rely on me. It’s taken me 14 months to realize I wasn’t relying on my higher power anymore and I was spiraling quickly. Drinking and drugs were becoming an obsession. I had to hand it over before I died too. Thank you for popping up on my screen and saving me again!

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