“Nothing Else Matters”

Nothing Else Matters – Aaron Lewis

I have come to learn that without my active recovery from addiction, nothing else would matter.  In recovery, there is a fine line between being selfish, selfless and staying in between.  You have to be selfish to stick to your recovery routines and continue to do what is working for you, but you also have to be accepting to others in your life.  Other than alcoholics and addict’s, people on the outside do not know the true feelings / emotions of what it is like to have this type of addiction.  Other’s might not understand the word selfish when speaking in terms of addiction or having ‘nothing else matter’ because without active recovery / sobriety, all of the other things in life will eventually fade away.  At some point the person with the addiction must realize in terms of recovery, nothing else matters.

This song speaks of several different things: “I’ve never opened myself up this way”, “Trust I seek and I find in you” “Open mind for a Different View” “Never Cared for what they said” “Couldn’t Be More From the Heart” “Trust in Who We Are”

People in recovery must trust themselves for who we are and seek truth daily in finding out our true thoughts and identifying possible rationalizations we may be having.  You must have an open mind in recovery and start thinking through a different view or perception.  You have to take off the old lenses and put on the new ones through sober eyes.  A lot of your environment and situations will not appear the same and you have to trust in who you are / who you have become to learn to live in your new life.

True recovery and active efforts of recovery come from the heart and soul of a person.  Recovery is beyond just the physical act of not drinking.  A person must psychologically equip themselves with tools and strategies to live with or fight their addiction.  Some believe in a Higher Power and some do not… Either way, a person must truly believe in themselves from the heart that they are able to achieve recovery / sobriety.  Lastly, you can not care what others say about recovery and will power.  “If he wanted to stop drinking forever” he could or “If I wanted to stop drinking, I could”.  Other people talking or your addiction talking about negative beliefs or perceptions are useless to your life.  Surround youself with optimistic and positive people that want you to succeed in recovery and care what they say.  There will always be those out there that want what you have in active recovery and lead the way by example.

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