“I’m Going to Be Somebody”

“I’m Going to Be Somebody” – Travis Tritt

Some days it’s seems like being a dreamer is all you have.  Listen to this song and let it ring in your ears. Know that today could be the day you realize you are somebody and/or if you know this, it will bring you hope and inspiration.  Break the chains of addiction or whatever else is holding you down in life and pick up the ‘guitar’ and make the change you have been waiting for. 

My realization of “I’m going to be somebody” can to me several different times in my life, but I can remember three clear as as day.  The first one was becoming a father to my 4 wonderful children and the second one was becoming a husband to my beautiful wife.  The third time I can really remember this happening was about 10 days into my second stay at La Hacienda Treatment Center for my addiction to alcohol.  At first when I was at treatment, I was pissed off and disappointed that I was there and that couldn’t control my addiction.  It was about 10 days into my 32 day stay that I truly realized changing my life to be in active recovery could cause me to be the man I wanted to be / the same man with changing values, beliefs, morals, characteristics.  I learned at this time, it was time to ‘break the chains’ for myself and my family, as my addiction was truly killing me.  I was at the lowest of lows with my addiction and bipolar disorder and really couldn’t see anything past my nose / addiction.  I didn’t truly understand how being treated for my addiction and changing this aspect of my life could change all aspects of my life for the better.  I wanted to be somebody, but for years, but couldn’t figure out how to get there.  I always had a false perception of what being a good man was and one that I didn’t have to be to actually be successful was.  There was a time during my active addiction that I stopped paying some of my bills because I wanted more money (a wild rationalization I know).  I wanted a job / career that paid more money and was willing to sacrifice what my true passions was in teaching to get it. As I looked around me, I thought the false perception of financial status would really help me ‘be somebody’, but I was wrong.  I came to the realization that I was chasing false hope in trying to be somebody I wasn’t.  My true passion is to help kids and young adults by educating them as a teacher and helping them find their way in high school and life after high school.  I came to the realization that although I might want to change my career path into becoming an addiction counselor and/or someone who helps adolescents / young adults that are incarcerated is also a passion of mine.  In my life “this is what being somebody” is all about.  Being a great father, husband, son, brother, uncle, teacher, coach, etc, is what my passions are and becoming a recovering alcoholic has helped me achieve this to be the person I want to be.  

For the last several years, I look at achievement as not completing a race, but as a milestone on my journey of life and recovery.  It is important to celebrate successes along the way whether it is being sober for one hour, one day, 2 months, 15 years or being the husband and father you truly want to be by spending time with your family, both emotionally and physically.  

Self Perception and Self Worth is all about truly knowing that you are somebody that should love and care for yourself first.  Self Perception and Self Worth is also knowing that others in your life truly care for you and love you no matter what adversity you may be facing or not facing with them.  I hope you already know you are worth it and the ripples you create in this world effect those around you in either a positive or negative way, but that is okay, as everyone has ripples or a wake in their life.  The great thing about a new day, like today, is you can change the direction of your sails and change the ripples you surround yourself with.  True love is about loving yourself first and then loving others.  Without truly loving yourself and knowing your self worth in life, you will not be able to effectively love others at the same caliber as someone else with self worth and one who loves themselves. 

How can you adjust your sails to change the ripples you surround yourself with?

Do you truly know your true self and love your true self?

Without any hesitation or doubt, know that you are worth it and truly loved in this world!

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