Living the Dream

Living the Dream

There are times when people ask “how are you doing” and often I respond by saying “living the dream”.  Living the dream is all about how you view your priorities and values. Perception is a huge part of my philosophy of ‘living the dream”.  I consider my dream to be living with a happy / healthy family, sober / in active recovery, having a successful career and being there for family / friends.  Wealth and fortune used to be part of my dream and would it be nice to have more money, of course, but I have put less of a value on that and more of a value on how I am providing for my family emotionally, financially and physically. When I was a kid, I envisioned having a wife, kids, having a career and good health for all.  Although I face addiction and bipolar disorder, I can positively say that I am still a success and living the dream.  My actions have been aligned with my dream for the last four years since I became sober /  in active recovery again.  I truly love living my life as a recovering alcoholic, as it has brought me more insight to my true self and evaluating myself often and frequently.

Are your actions aligned with your dreams?

What dreams do you have and how are you achieving them?

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