Road of Faith

Making it through the storms and the winds of change is what life is all about.  At times, the road can feel lonely and you may feel like things are not worth it, but as this song describes, things have a way of getting better when you change the direction of your sails. Throughout my life, I have gone several different directions, but all of those roads led me to where I am today.  You have to do things for yourself and count yourself first, before taking other peoples thoughts and opinions into consideration.  I believe that a person can’t just rely on faith to be successful in recovery and / or life.  Action needs to go along with faith for it to become a reality in your life.  I have seen over my years of recovery that there are some people that rely on faith and hope alone, but some of their actions are not aligned with their wants and needs.  Faith is a tremendous part of my recovery, but so is action, such as reading daily inspirations / motivations from Hazelden, reading articles about addiction, following the 12 steps and also living my life with those things living through me. 

“Lonely Road of Faith” – Kid Rock


Up and down that lonely road of faith
I have been there
Unprepared for the storms and the tides that rise
I’ve realized one thing, how much I love you
And it hurts to see, see you cryin’
I believe we can make it through the winds of change

God is great indeed
If you believe, in the everlife
Yeah we gotta
Make some sense of the piece that we’ve found
And if you just hold on, I wont let ya fall
We can make it through the storms and the winds of change

Though I walk through the valley of darkness
I am not afraid
Cause I know I’m not alone

And if the wind blows east, would you follow me
And if the wind blows north, would ya stay your course
And if the wind blows west, would ya second guess
And if it blows to the south, would you count me out
And if the sun don’t shine, would you still be mine
And if the sky turns grey, would you walk away
Would you say I do, if I say I’ll be
And walk this road through life with me
You know I love youuuuuu

On this lonely road of faith
On this lonely road of faith

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