Poison in My Blood

One is One too Many and One More is Never Enough” 

If you are living with any type of addiction the facts are clear… One it is one too many and you will not just be able to have one more without wanting it all.  Rationalization will set in and that’s when people fool themselves into thinking they can control their addiction again, which in that very moment, the addiction is controlling that person. If you don’t like me using the word addiction, go ahead and replace it with whatever word of your choosing (chronic habit, etc), because they all lead to a very similar place and/or concept… Taking one sip of alcohol or putting one needle in your vein is called a relapse and it doesn’t matter how little the quantity you use is.  I am referring to alcohol addiction because that is what I personally live with, but you can relate it to anything your facing, dealing / struggling with or living a successful life with.  Addiction, no matter what it is or what you call it, ‘runs like poison in your blood’, literally or figuratively. The song “You and Tequila” also references the fact that “one more night could kill me, baby” and this is true. It only takes one time for ‘venom’ to run through your veins and lead you to an unhealthy death / medical condition or lead you to decisions that will alter your life negatively or kill you.    

Bottom line: “Yourself alone and your poison / venom” can kill you literally or figuratively… Whether it is your physical being, spirit, soul, being incarcerated in a physical prison or one of your own, your decisions will always make or break you.  Each person does have the power to overcome whatever they are facing with hard work, dedication, a little bit of willpower, believing in yourself, trusting others that you know you can trust, possible medical treatment (if that suits your individual needs) and having a little faith that you can make it through adversity, make it through the day, when it arises in your path. 

“You and Tequila” – Kenny Chesney


Baby, here I am again
Kicking dust in the Canyon wind
Waiting for that sun to go down
Made it up Mulholland Drive
Hell bent on getting high
High above the lights of town

‘Cause you and Tequila make me crazy
Run like poison in my blood
One more night could kill me, baby
One is one too many, one more is never enough

Thirty days and thirty nights
Been putting up a real good fight
And there were times I thought you’d win
It’s so easy to forget
The bitter taste the morning left
Swore I wouldn’t go back there again

‘Cause you and Tequila make me crazy
Run like poison in my blood
One more night could kill me, baby
One is one too many, one more is never enough

When it comes to you
Oh, the damage I could do
It’s always your favorite sins
That do you in

‘Cause you and Tequila make me crazy
Run like poison in my blood
One more night could kill me, baby
One is one too many, one more is never enough

Never enough
You and Tequila
You and Tequila

poison in my blood

2 thoughts on “Poison in My Blood

  1. A visit this past week with my alcoholic mother just reinforced for me why I can never, ever drink again. I do not need my 4 girls feeling about me the way my Mom’s 4 kids feel about her… 😦

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    • Thank you so much for your comment! I truly value every comment I receive and love reading them. Sometimes seeing loved ones in active states of full blown addiction reinforces our decisions to remain sober and/or stay in recovery. I view it as a blessing at times, but it also hurts my soul to see others, including loved ones, in that state of being. I also have 4 kid’s and I could never imagine them seeing me again as an active alcoholic. I know that would effect them tremendously in a negative, life altering way, as it would destroy my family. Keep up the good work in remaining on your path in recovery and stay strong! Have a Blessed Day! Mark C. 🙂

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