Always Been Me

“I’ve earned every scar I’ve got, learned a lot of things the hard way”, “What you get is what you see”, and I’ll take the blame when it’s my fault Get knocked down and stand up tall Screamin’ Bring it on, I ain’t scared!” could literally sum up this entire song and how it relates to my life.

Life is about how you can use the experience of where you have been and use it to strengthen the journey you are traveling on.  Taking the blame and responsibility are two critical pieces of the healing process to be able to move on to be healthy both psychologically and physically.

Always being yourself and not trying to impress others by acting fake is important to personal success.  Success is about being intrinsically motivated to achieve greatness from the inside of who you are.  You will learn things the hard way, because that is part of life, but it is what you do with it internally that makes the difference between short-term and long-term success.  I can say that there are parts of my life that I have not always been me by trying to impress others with my actions, appearance, list of achievements, etc, and I am not proud of that.  For at least the last four years of my life, while being in active recovery, those self-destructive behaviors have tremendously lessened and changed though.  I still find myself concerned about others feelings and emotions, at times before mine, and that is definitely something that I need to continue to work on.  I need to find a balance in that part of my life and recognize that putting others thoughts and feelings before mine is detrimental to my personal emotional growth.  This isn’t something that I can change over night, but it is definitely work in progress and has allowed for personal development, as I continue to strengthen this part of my personality.

intrinsically motivated

A successful journey is about frequently taking personal inventory, whether you follow the 12 steps or not, and truly identifying your strengths and weaknesses.  I know there are people that are successful in their recovery with and without the 12 step program, but this is something to do no matter where you are in life and is a concept I preach / teach to my high school students that are preparing for the transition to the real world.  Teaching this concept, along with short-term and long-term goals has proven success in their lives and in mine.  I try to identify at least one thing I can work on each day and/or each week and reflect on those things to measure where I am at.  Setting short-term and long-term goals is pointless unless you evaluate where you are at in meeting them.  Setting realistic goals and objectives (short-term objectives are goals broken into smaller pieces and meeting those will lead you to meeting your goal) is also critical to success.  Start off with small, obtainable goals / objectives that you will be able to meet in a shorter amount of time and celebrate your success each time you meet an objective or goal.  This could be while checking the status of your inventory or letting yourself have something of monumental value. Either way, it is critical to evaluate where you’ve been, your progress in where you are and how you are traveling to where you want to be, one day at a time.

Something to Think About:

Do you take personal inventory and if so, how often?

Have you thought of short-term and/or long-term goals and objectives?

Are your short-term and/or long-term goals and objectives realistic and obtainable?

What is your action plan to meet those short term and/or long-term goals and objectives?

how to stay moticated

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