Learning to Fly

dream big

My life is like a playlist and one of the ways I identify myself is through music.  Last night, I looked through my iTunes playlists for music that I have listened to in the past and haven’t heard in a while.  I found some music that I wanted to include in a post to start this beautiful Sunday off the right way.  Music from all genres are included in my playlists and I enjoy listening to a wide variety to relax my inner-self and express myself.  I often make new playlists about every other day from brand new music I find, but usually include some of the older songs from my previous playlists.  You see, when I go back and look at playlists, I am able to determine what kind of mood I was in and how I was feeling at that time.  When I play those playlists in my truck with others, they are also able to identify the type of mood I might have been in when I made the playlist.  I have had family tell me that I must have not been feeling very upbeat while listening to some music, because the songs aren’t that uplifting or are upbeat.  I know music doesn’t always have to be cheery and upbeat to be considered a motivational piece to my life and I often reflect that in the music I choose to listen too.  Most often, songs I listen to have their own meaning in my life, unless they are pump-up songs for the high school baseball team I coach.  Even researching some of the new ‘hip-hop’ music, I am able to identify with some of the lyrics, but not all of them.  

If I could play the guitar for family sitting around the pool or for a band I would, but if you saw me play Rock Band on the Wii, you’d understand why I don’t.  Even though I don’t play an instrument, I feel very connected to most of the music I listen to.  I often keep my playlists from months ago on my computer or on a CD to go back to in later months and years.

As music continues to be a huge part of my life, a coping strategy and something I do because I love it, I wanted to share several songs on this beautiful Sunday morning to bring peace and happiness into your life and/or uplift your spirits today.

Free Falling – Tom Petty

Check it Out – John Mellencamp

Turn the Page – Aaron Lewis

I Won’t Back Down – Johnny Cash

Learning to Fly – Tom Petty

Not Afraid – Eminem

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