Burning Out Teachers & Coaches with a False Sense of Entitlement

“Who do you think you are speaking to?”, “Who do you think you are?”, “What are you teaching your teenage son or daughter by being such a unprofessional / hateful / confrontational?”, “Now I understand where your son or daughter gets their false sense of entitlement”, “Why do I put up with this bullshit for $54,000 year”, “Why do I do this to get paid penny’s on the dollar to coach, ?”, “If that parent’s boss was standing near by, would they still act like such a prick?”, “If only this parent knew the facts” and “That parent needs to go play in the express lane on a busy highway” is often what I am thinking as I am approached by parents and others that demonstrate an ‘entitlement’ position with me.

To answer the main question behind “why do I continue to do this?” is that I have a love for teaching, coaching and making a positive difference in the lives of my players / students.  If you think a teacher or a coach is in it for themselves or the money, then you should probably home-school your son or daughter. Teaching and coaching is a selfless career / job and clearly not about the money. Some people that are ignorant / clueless, it’s recognized as a career below their career / job and it’s mainly because of how much money they make.  Some parents goes as far to bring up getting a lawyer to sue you or even threaten to go to  the school board about their skewed perception of events that made them upset.  I am not sure if these ignorant people realize they could potentially damage and destroy the livelihood of that coach / teacher.  These uninformed, knowledgeable and ignorant parents often do not look as a coach / teacher as a human-being or having a life outside of work.  They are selfish and do not look at the fact that the teacher and/or coach could be a father, mother, husband, wife, son, brother, uncle, etc. Teachers and Coaches could also be going through their own personal turmoil in their own life outside of school.

I can’t really identify where this false sense of entitlement parents, players and students demonstrate comes from.  I guess in regards to sports, some parents may have their son on a select team of some sort (which I remind you they pay for) and get a false perception that their son is better than everyone else on the team, because they play on those teams.  In the classroom, students have a false sense of entitlement in being able to use their cell phones when they want or be able to cuss out a teacher and walk out of class without permission.  After that happens, the teacher is often asked “what did you do to cause the student to get upset”, not that the student should be immediately responsible to their actions. Parents also ask the same question… “what did you (the teacher) do to upset my son or daughter” and then try to find a loophole to justify their son or daughters inappropriate actions.  I am fortunate to have administrative support at the high school I work at, but often feel that I always have to defend myself to administration and other staff members.

Bottom Line: Teachers / Coaches are sick and tired of the unnecessary and unprovoked stress in their jobs and careers caused by ignorant parents.  It makes no sense for a teacher or a coach to continue a career in education and have to deal with threats of being sued or always have to be on the defense of their actions.  Even with as much love and passion I have for teaching and coaching, I am at the end of my rope with the stress that parents put on my family, career and I.  I know several teachers / coaches that have left the profession to deal with less stress, have less hours and make more money.  I don’t blame these teachers / coaches one bit, as they should have been entitled to actually do what they were hired to do and that is teaching and coaching students into becoming productive and successful citizens.


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