Time of Your Life

the future belongs
The song ‘Good Riddance’, often known as “The Time of Your Life”, describes life as a journey through lyrics that guide you to learn from your past, memories, reflection of your life and living in the present while recognizing how your past led to the current stage of life you are experiencing.
With my oldest daughter, Kaitlin, graduating high school and moving on to college next year, this song hit the chords of my heart.  With it being released in 1997 and as I graduated high school in 1998, it was played at my high school graduation senior party.  I remember how it made me feel when I knew I was done with high school and moving on to college to get a degree in teaching special education.  ‘Good Riddance’ should be called ‘The Time of Your Life’ because life is what it is about.  Kaitlin, I have been a father to you since you were in 4th/5th grade and our family has been through a lot of adversity over the years.  I have been in treatment for alcohol addiction for 34 days (days away from home), losing your dear Uncle Matt in a car accident, etc. 
I am blessed and fortunate to have watched and help you grow into the beautiful young woman filled with faith hope and love you’ve become.  I hope throughout the years, you have had the time of your life and the next stages in your life will also be the time of your life.  Kaitlin, you have so much potential and I am so proud of the person you have become and continue to be with your faith in God, dedication to the family with you love / care /support, being an outstanding daughter / sister / cousin / granddaughter / niece,  academic achievements, being promoted to a manager at work (in such a short amount of time), being recognized in the National Honors Society, your leadership skills in PALS at Vista Ridge High School (working with middle school and high school students who are at risk), becoming a youth leader at church, etc (the list could literally go on and on…).  

May you achieve all of your goals in life by continuing on the journey of dedication, hard-work, faith, hope, love, and living a Christian centered / focused life. I Love You Kaitlin and Hope You Have a Wonderful Graduation Weekend! I will be there every step of the way! 


shoot for the moon

live the life youve imagined

Time of Your Life – Green Day

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