Top 15 Addiction Recovery Songs

sobriety is not for faint heart

Top 15 Addiction Recovery Songs

Here are my picks for songs about Addiction Recovery, Faith, Love and Hope. When looking back over songs on my personal playlists and other playlists I have found, these 15 songs and artists I have chosen are masterpieces of art.  

Music is an essential piece to my active and successful recovery from addiction.  Even though I have not learned how to play the guitar yet (something I have always wanted to learn), I listen to the sound and I become inspired / motivated in my daily endeavors. 

May your Monday be Full of Happiness and Blessings!

1) Wine into Water – T. Graham Brown

2) Not Afraid – Eminem (Eminem Dedicates a Song to Those Struggling with Addiction)

3) Heaven – 3 Doors Down

4) Starting Over – Macklemore

5) Sober – Pink 

6) Calling All Angels – Train

7) Going Through Changes – Eminem

8) One Day at a Time – Joe Walsh (Eagles)

9) Caption Jack – Billy Joel

10) Redeemed – Big Daddy Weave

11) Set Me Free – Casting Crowns

12) Something You Would Die For – GB Leighton

13) It’s Been Awhile – Staind

14) Unwell – Matchbox 20

15) That’s Why I’m Here – Kenny Chesney

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