I Can’t Change the World

Living as a recovering alcoholic and observing other active alcoholics is an eye-opening experience.  Watching and listening to the lies and dishonesty becomes very frustrating, but I did the same thing as an active alcoholic.  As an active alcoholic I would attempt to hide my behaviors and actions by using words others wanted to here, but I see how foolish I was to believe others didn’t see my self-destruction.  “I can’t change the world” is a song that reminds me, I can control my own actions / behaviors and by doing that, it will influence the actions/behaviors of others in my life.  Even though I can’t change all of the alcoholics and addicts in the world, I can try to help one person at a time learn about themselves and understand how to improve their actions, by sharing about my life as an active alcoholic.  Living through deception and dishonesty was a life I lead while I was an active alcoholic since I was an 18 year old, or probably earlier.  Through out my posts on this blog and the two Amazon eBooks I have written, I have described my life as an active alcoholic and my journey through treatment / recovery.  I am beginning to write a third book about my current 4 years of my active recovery and how words lead to actions and daily actions contribute to your mental / psychological / physical status. 
Even though, I can’t change the world, I hope my words and actions lead to a positive and optimistic change in the life of one person. 

“I Can’t Change the World” – Brad Paisley

A gun goes off in a far off city
A siren wails right here at home
Well, sometimes life ain’t all that pretty
When you’re watching it all alone

You build a wall around your feelings
Just another heart afraid to break
And you don’t wanna let me in
Cause, really, what difference can I make?

I can’t change the world
Baby, that’s for sure
But if you let me, girl
I can change yours
I bet I can change yours

So let Jesus look down on this madness
And let the powers that be just fuss and fight
Cause everyone needs to pick their battles and
We all realize

I can’t change the world
Baby, that’s for sure
But if you let me, girl
I can change yours
I bet I can change yours

And every time you light a flame
You just get burned and you feel like
It’s all in vain
You feel like
You need to learn that no one’s gonna save you
No, no one’s gonna save you

But I’m standing here
My heart’s on my sleeve
Never gonna let you down
Never ever gonna leave you
Baby, that’s for sure

Whoa, I can’t change the world
But I can change yours
I bet I can change yours

One thought on “I Can’t Change the World

  1. Love this post! It is true we can’t change anyone but ourselves and lead by example. Sometimes, it is difficult for me to see someone ruin their lives with their addiction, but I have to remember how I was the same way before I got it together. It is all a part of the lesson. I am very impressed with the idea of writing books. Good for you. I have often been told I should tell my story, but I honestly don’t know where I would start. Almost 5 years of freedom for me, so maybe I’ll have a book together by 10 years! lol

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