Addiction – It’s an emotional disease, fueled by shame.

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Addiction. It’s a disease, a disease of the brain and its inability to resist the urge to drink or do drugs. And it’s ugly. It eats at your soul, it rips everything away from you all to chase the next high or next bottle. Addicts are not nice people to be around when they are in an altered state. You have different kinds of addicts, the happy drunk, the loud drunk, the belligerent drunk, the abusive drunk but they are all drunk and drunks are no fun. At worst they are dangerous, at best they are unreliable, unreachable, gone, drowned into the depths of their addictions. They are there but it’s only a shell of their former glorious self. Their true selves, the perfect being that God created has been obscured by their addictions.

Drug addicts in my opinion have it worse, at least alcohol is a legal substance that anyone…

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3 thoughts on “Addiction – It’s an emotional disease, fueled by shame.

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  3. This is just such an amazing piece, well written and inspiring! Folks take a minute and read through it. It will change the way you view addiction. I hope the stigma ends too. To me being an addict is not a crime. I often feel like a nobody and full of shame but I know I’m better than that! Believe in yourself!

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