You Might Be Wrong

Life is all about choices and perception to what we think is right or wrong.  

This song’s lyrics are very powerful and has the following lyrics that I would like to point out: “count to ten before you throw a stone”, “… has the version of their own truth”, “carry your faith wherever you go”, “always remember you might be wrong”, “don’t cut me off because you might be wrong”, whatever you believe you might be wrong” and “why do we argue why do we fight”.  

Look at your own actions and behaviors first… Are you causing the adversity in your life, or are you allowing someone else to cause turmoil in your life?  Are you attempting holding someone hostage from their feelings, emotions, through being their puppeteer or is someone else your puppeteer? Who is in charge of your life?  

It is critical to do a daily inventory of what you want out of the day and the actions you are going to take to accomplish those goals.  

You Might Be Wrong – Paul Thorn

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