No Wrong Turns in Life


Road trips can be fun and relaxing if you have the right person with you to talk and hang out.  I was fortunate yesterday to go on a road trip with a cousin Bud to get an executive desk and credenza 3 1/2 hours away. Bud and I started off at 6:30 yesterday morning to drive 3 1/2 hours to Abilene, Texas and 3 1/2 hours straight back to Austin, Texas.

We talked about family, relationships, work, psychology and a bunch of other stuff on the way there and back.  We had wonderful conversations and Bud, being very insightful, said “there are no wrong turns in life”.  I had him repeat that quote and then I asked him later to remind me what he had said.  This quote is extremely intuitive and follows along with my philosophy that life is a journey. All turns on life’s highway have to take you to the next place or phase and those turns are needed to get each person to active recovery, treatment, happiness, through adversity, etc.  When Bud said this, I about pulled off to the side of the road because I had to comprehend it for a minute. I will always remember this quote and the meaning behind it.

I am very thankful for Bud’s help yesterday and our in-depth conversations about life.  Through all of the years, we haven’t really been able to catch up about how life is truly going and this turn in life for him to help me move yesterday and spend 7 hours straight in my truck with me, allowed us to have genuine conversations.

Thank You Bud, Dillon and his Friends for Helping with the Move Yesterday.  It was an emotional day for me to bring back the desk that my brother-in-law was sitting in a year ago.  Bud, you helped me tremendously by discussing the optimistic views and perceptions of life.

Have a Blessed Day ~ Mark

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