3 AM

Rob Thomas, the singer of Matchbox Twenty, hit the nail on the head when he is introducing the song 3 AM.  He implies the meaning that you can use this song and all other music for what you want it for.  He also mentioned that songs would lose something universal if a person couldn’t take it and relate it to anything they wanted in their life.  

I have almost always attached a song to every post on my AddictionPlace.net Blog.  Music is universal and can be special to everyone because you can derive your own meaning from the lyrics.  I often make playlists and my mood is expressed to the types of songs I pick.  After going back and listening to a playlist that I have previously made, I can tell what I was feeling at the time and usually remember the events that were happening that day.  My playlists could be related to having a diary and each song explaining a different story.  The really cool thing about that is, only I know the story it is telling.  Music has been and always will be a passion of mine.  I do not play any instruments and do not sing, but I have an outstanding ‘ear’ for wonderful songs. 

Listen to the sound and enjoy your day!

3 AM

Mad Season

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