Building 429 – Listen to the Sound

Building 429 recently came to Austin, Texas to put on a benefit concert for the “Feed the Children” Organization.  I was already a big fan of this band, but the passion and heart they put into a concert was purely amazing!  The lyrics in all of their songs are inspiring and I can’t wait for their new CD to come out.  Building 429 plays music that relates to people from all walks of life.

I have created a playlist with some of their music below and I challenge you to listen to every song.  The lyrics alone will fill your heart and soul with courage and inspiration.  I have been through adverse times living with a dual diagnosis (bipolar and addiction disorder) in my life and now listening to the music by them makes me feel like I found one of the best bands to express my thoughts and feelings.

Building 429 travels all of the country to play benefit and independent concerts and I highly recommend that you go see them perform.  If you want to instantly feel connected to a band as they play, you should get tickets and head to a show.

Their tour dates are listed on: Building 429 Tour Dates

Where I Belong

Press On


We Won’t Be Shaken

Listen to the Sound

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