Coping with Anxiety

Anxiety has no boundaries, and causes tremendous turmoil in the lives of thousands around the world.  A wise quote that continues to populate on my social media accounts, states: “anxiety is worrying about the future, and depression is living in the past”.  This quote is easy to comprehend, and when some people try to evaluate what worries they have about the future, or concerns they have from the past, the mind tends to flood with thoughts.  In my case, I am able to think about the things that are causing anxiety in my life when I am in the appropriate mindset.  Anxiety is difficult to approach when a person is in the moment.

The crucial steps in successfully approaching anxiety is to have already trained the mind to implement effective strategies to cope.  As a special education teacher, I am able to relate this to working with my students very well, and I am confident you will be relate as well.  Have you ever tried to rationalize with a friend, spouse, child, co-worker, student during a moment of irrational emotion?  One might ask, what defines irrational emotion, as it is a form of perception.  In my 13 year career as a special education teacher who works with emotional disabilities, autism, intellectual disabilities, Other Health Impairments, and learning disabilities, I have gained the experience and knowledge to effectively implement conflict resolution.  During a conflict, internal or environmental, one must not attempt to find a permanent solution, or draw a final conclusion.

Effective Steps in Coping with Anxiety:

  1. Evaluate the Environment / Situation
  2. Mindfulness and Awareness
  3. Take a Step Back
  4. Accept All Thoughts
  5. Awareness of False Alarms
  6. Stay Engaged with the Current Environment or Change Positions
  7. Set Aside Time in Your Schedule to Analyze Worrying Thoughts
  8. Face Your Fears
  9. Question Your Thoughts and Fears
  10. Evaluate what is in Your Control and What is Out of Your Control
  11. Take a Deep Breath
  12. Break Up Your Day
  13. Talk about it
  14. Listen to Your Favorite Music
  15. Stretch
  16. Head Outside


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