Top 20 GB Leighton Songs


Top 20 GB Leighton Songs

With more than 200 shows a year, jubilant fans who follow Brian from Minnesota to Mexico. More than 70,000 albums sold. A new release “Get Up” and a state-of-the-art nightclub named after one of his songs — all without the support of a major record label…

Brian Leighton is the singer for the band GB Leighton.  Brian, other band members, local signers, and family, write most of the songs, if not all of them.

GB Leighton’s music has inspired me since I was a college student at St. Cloud State University in 1998.  After the first show I went to at “The Red Carpet” (local bar), I couldn’t put his music down.  I had his music blasting from any and all vehicles (boat speakers driving through the Whitefish Chain Channel, my truck, at the cabin, and everywhere).

I always listened GB Leighton through the years of my addiction to Alcohol.  I first went to Hazelden Treatment Center in 2004, and entered another treatment center (La Hacienda) in 2011.  Through my years of addiction, recovery, relapse, and recovery again, I always had his music on my playlist.  The music goes miles beyond the instruments and beat… GB Leighton’s music is about the lyrics.  In 2008 Brian Leighton faced testicular cancer, and in 2010 it was reported that he entered Hazelden for substance abuse addiction.  From the days of hearing “going down to the liquor store” to “hope 1 mile”, his music has been at the forefront of my inspiration.  Every song of his, a person will be able to relate it to their life in some form or fashion.

Articles such as:  Heroes in the War Against Addiction Rock the Stage at Hazelden and Hazelfest 2015 Interview demonstrate his passion / willingness to help others in their life with addiction and cancer.

Below is a list of some of my favorite GB Leighton songs that have inspired me over the years. He has so many different albums, and phenomenal songs, it is difficult to pick 20 and say that’s it.  I recommend that you check out his website at: GB to learn more about him, and for tour dates


  1. Hope 1 Mile

2. Most Important Night of My Life

3. Something You Would Die For

4. All I Want is You

5. Love for Sale

6. Two Hearts Run

7. Man in the Moon

8. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

9. Do it All Over Again

10. This Life

11. Acapulco Night

12. Lonely Long

13. Killjoy

14. Twisted

15. Baby, Baby

16. Have a Little Faith

17. Favorite

18. Come and Get Your Love

19. Go Ahead and Break My Heart

20. Settling Down

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