Top 20 Eminem Songs of All Time

Top 20 Eminem Songs

Some of the most powerful lyrics Eminem has put on paper is from the song, ‘I’m Not Afraid’.

“I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid,
To take a stand, It’s been a ride
Everybody, I guess I had to go to that place, To get to this one, Now some of you
Might still be in that place, If you’re tryin’ to get out, Just follow me, I’ll get you there, You can try and read my lyrics off of this paper before I lay ’em, But you won’t take the sting out these words before I say ’em, ‘Cause ain’t no way I’m, a let you stop me from causin’ mayhem, When I say I’m a do somethin’ I do it, I don’t give a damn what you think”
The lyrics to Eminem’s music make some people uncomfortable, while inspiring others.  I started listening to Eminem in the late 90’s, and still listen to his music on a constant basis almost years later.  His music continues to become more empowering, and breaks almost every code of what a traditional ‘mainstream’ song should be, according to the music industry.
As the Beastie Boys broke the ‘traditional’ mold in the 80’s, Eminem has broken every mold since the 90’s, before and when he became famous. His authenticity of demanding perfection from himself, and his music, launched him to the top of the entire music industry.  Eminem single handily became the voice for thousands of teenagers, and adults all over the world. His lyrics were understood by the people who respected music as an art, and in this respect, a voice was given to the ‘quiet’ kid sitting in the corner with his head phones on, or the 36 year old high school teacher driving home from work after a long day (me). 
Marshall Mathers (Eminem) will always remain a pioneer in music. As a recovering alcoholic, and knowing he is on the same road with addiction, there is an unannounced connection to his music and I. Music shall always produce freedom in the mind, release passion in the heart, and empower the soul.

1 – The Way I Am

2 – Going through Changes

3 – Deja Vu

4 – Not Afraid

5 – When I’m Gone

6 – Mockingbird

7 – Stan (w/ Elton John)

8 – Lose Yourself

9 – Sing for the Moment

10 – Like Toy Soldiers

11 – Love the Way You Lie

12 – The Monster

13 – Beautiful

14 – Berzerk

15 – Headlights

16 – White America

17 – Till I Collapse

18 – Rap God

19 – Cleaning Out My Closet

20 – No Apologies

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