Dare to Change Your Perception to Postive 

When I made the playlist below, I wasn’t even sure exactly what the title would be for this post.  When I listen to music, and my personal playlists or all of my songs on iTunes, I click the ‘random’ button. It’s intriguing the types of songs that play, and how I can relate them to my thoughts, feelings, situations, and/or environments. My favorite times, are when I get completey lost in the sound, and I stop overthinking everything.
I often make CD’s for my truck with different playlists on. I clearly remember one day, my oldest son, Harriso, said to me, “you must have been kind of sad when you made this CD”.  I switched through the songs, because ‘sadness’ is not what I recognized myself as feeling when I made the playlist. My perception of the playlist was ‘strength’, and being  ready to take the world by the ‘horns’ that day. I admit, the playlist was kind of ‘dark’, but I didn’t perceive it as depressive music when listening to it with him. I share this story, because what my son heard, and what I heard, were two completely different ‘lyrics’ and ‘sound’ from the exact same songs.  

Recognizing this difference in our views of the way the music sounded that day, was informative, and allowed me to focus on how he was feeling that morning.  The interesting fact of the matter is at that time, he had been dealing with a lot of stress from his below average academic performance (missing school for doctors appointments, excuses high school baseball tournaments, being sick), my current health concerns, and a shoulder injury from baseball. Baseball is a passion of Harrison’s, and when he was told by the doctor he would be out through the summer, and part of the fall of the next school year, he crumbled on the inside. When I use the word ‘crumbled’ to describe how he felt, I am not referring to behavior towards others, but I am speaking to his internal disarray (which was noticeable to his friends, family, teachers, and coaches). 

To sum up the story, he was cleared to throw lightly, and to hit, in accordance with his tolerance. Sitting in the doctors office with him, and watching his expressions when the doctor told him the phenomenal news, was like watching him accept a D1 scholarship to play baseball at the University of Texas. He stood up with confidence (shoulders square, head held high, pure smile on his face), and his tone changed. Positive words, and phrases started to flow from his mouth, and it was like getting my internally happy / motivated son back again. I turned on one of my Eminem playlists, which had the song ‘Panda’ on it from a different rapper, and he turned up the song, and had a regenerative vibe expelling from him.  On a side note, I knew he liked that song, so I put it on the playlist to surprise him, but really wasn’t aware of how many inappropriate words, and phrases there were (YIKES, maybe I’m getting to old at the ripe age of 36).

Music enlightens the spirit, gives a person strength through difficult times, and is one of the ultimate ways to stay connected to the soul.

As Building 429 (Christian Band) sings the lyrics “listen to the sound of a new beginning”, everyday is new beginning to make the choice to have the Best Day of the Rest of Your Life! 

Playlist Title: _____________  (You Pick the Title, and Share in the Comments)

  1. Darius Rucker – Let Her Cry
  2. Josh Thompson – Sinner
  3. The Calling – Wherever You Will Go
  4. Kid Rock – Only God Knows Why
  5. Counting Crows – Have You Seen Me Lately
  6. Counting Crows – Sullivan Street
  7. Guns N’ Roses – Yesterday

Darius Rucker – Let Her Cry

Josh Thompson – Sinner

The Calling – Wherever You Will Go

Kid Rock – Only God Knows Why

Counting Crows – Have You Seen Me Lately

Counting Crows – Sullivan Street

Guns N’ Roses – Yesterday

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