Youth and Addiction Book Campaign


Addiction and substance abuse is wreaking havoc on the youth in society (worldwide).  The statistics are astonishing that 1 out of 9 kids (minors under 18 years old) are using substances on a regular basis.  If you do the math, 1 out of 9 minors is 11%.of the next generation.

The substances that are prevalent in youth and society include: heroin, synthetic cannabinoids (K2), Vicodin®, methamphetamine, amphetamines, inhalants, Ecstasy, alcohol, and cigarettes, among all ages surveyed; hallucinogens, Ritalin®, OxyContin®, bath salts, over-the-counter cough medicines; cocaine, prescription pain relievers (narcotics other than heroin), sedatives, and crystal methamphetamine. (

As a special education teacher of 13 years, I continue to witness the rise in possession and substance abuse on campus, and off campus.  The local media doesn’t find out about, or report every time a 15 year old is arrested on 2 felony counts of drug possession, or when an ambulance is called to a school for a drug overdose.

I have been writing blog posts, e-Books, and creating websites to inform society of addiction and mental health issues.  I have shared my personal experiences, strategies, and other important information to prevent, and treat substance abuse.

I am currently work on a book that addresses Substance Abuse among Youth.  This book will provide strategies to prevent, and methods to treat substance abuse.  It costs money to have books published, and I am going to create workbooks to go along with a curriculum.

Below is a link for my GoFundMe account to raise money to meet the costs of writing, publishing, and extra costs in relation to the production of a book / workbooks.  The profit I make from the books, will be completely donated up to the $5,000 I raise, and after that, 50% of profits will be donated to drug and alcohol treatment and prevention organizations.

GoFundMe Page: Youth and Addiction Campaign

References: National Institute on Drug Abuse (2016)

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