I’m Still Alive – Addiction Recovery

Active recovery is a choice, and a deduction. If you want to set your soul on fire, give recovery the opportunity to give you the power to feel alive again. 

I’ve been living with an addiction disorder as long as I can remember. I remember drinking in high school, and at times, not for ‘fun’, but to deal with difficult situations / anxiety. I thought at that time, and over the course of approx 16 years, I used alcohol as an escape, when I should have been learning about myself. 

Over the span of that decade and a half, I treated my body like an old honkytonk. Recently I have been in the heart hospital because of an anxiety attack, which others, and myself, thought I was truly having a heart attack. Those others consisted of a nurse, and a doctor. It was until tests were run, that they found that it was an anxiety attack, combined with a blood clotting disorder. I tell you this story not to get sympathy, but to show you an example of how powerful the mind and emotions truly are. 

Alive – Pearl Jam 

One thought on “I’m Still Alive – Addiction Recovery

  1. Thank you for sharing this: i have been suffering from addiction for about the same amount of time, and for me it also started in high school – it was a social thing that, over time, turned into a misguided coping mechanism. As i turn to more reliable coping mechanisms such as meditation and spiritual therapies, and my own inner resources, i am finding that my soul really does burn with the fire of life when i am free from these substances i was hiding in.

    I also had a major anxiety attack in the last year or so, after a rib injury – i tried to do some yoga to feel into the pain, see how bad it was, and then i slipped in a pose and thought i was going to die because i couldn’t breathe. It was the first time i touched my own fear of mortality, and it catalysed a major new respect for my body as a vessel for this precious soul-consciousness we are blessed with.

    I’m also a massive fan of Eddie Vedder ūüėÄ

    I look forward to following your blog, and i hope you get some inspiration from Black Dog Barking as well. Peace xo

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