GB Leighton – Addiction Recovery Music

GB Leighton continues to be an inspiration of mine, and this morning, while my 2,000+ songs on iTunes was on ‘random’, GB Leighton songs kept playing.  I thought this might be a sign that I needed to share some more of his music.

I am in no way affiliated with GB Leighton, other than I love his music, always have, and always will.  I have an eclectic collection of music, and GB Leighton’s music is a huge part of that.  Brian, the lead signer, continues to be an inspiration to me and always will.  He actually took the time at one his shows (Pequet Lakes, MN / Whitefish Chain of Lakes) to come off stage and talk to me for a while.  This meant a lot to me at the time, and still does.

Self Help Survival also supports sober musicians, and I will continue to share their music to inspire other, no matter who you are.

PURCHASE GB LEIGHTON MUSIC (Not an Affiliate Website)

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