Top 15 Relationship Songs – Better as a Memory

Music is a powerful form of expression, especially in the emotional system of the brain. Here is a collection of 15 relationship songs that have brought light to trials, tribulations, and relationships  people are experiencing.

Ever since I can remember, I often find myself drifting away to the sound of music.  I was on an airplane yesterday flying back to Austin, TX from Orlando.  On the plane, I was having difficulty sleeping, which is unusual, because I find myself almost always sleeping on airplanes when I travel.  As I was sitting there staring at the seat in from of me, I started a movie on my Kindle.  I had difficulty paying attention to that, as my mind was wondering, so I tried to read a book.  I read two paragraphs, and couldn’t remember one word that I read.  After not being able to focus on either of those things, I turned on a playlist with a collection of music from U2 to Eminem, and found myself relaxed and nodding off.  This was the first time I have flown in almost 10 years, and one of the things that was different about this ride, is that I wasn’t drinking.  I have been traveling since I was a little kid, and do not experience anxiety with the flight itself, but do experience anxiety with the masses of people around me.  One of my main concerns this trip was making sure there was enough room in the overhead compartment for my bags.  As silly as that may sound to some people, it was a real worry of mine.  I have been on float planes, small propeller planes, and some of the largest planes you can imagine, that are domestic to the US, and the actual flight does not bother me, but making sure I get on the plane, and have enough room for my stuff, does bother me. 

The sound of the music I played helped me relax and better connect with the relationship I was having with myself, and others at that time.

Sit back and list to the sounds of this playlist, and connect with the relationship you have with yourself first, and the relationship you have with others second.       


Top 10 Relationship Songs



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