Addiction Recovery – Nothing Else Matters

Staying active in addiction recovery is one of the most essential keys to your success.  When it comes down to recovery, and your sobriety, you need to put your needs first. The rest of the good ‘things’ and strong relationships will come after you are in recovery. Getting sober, or starting active recovery is one thing, but sustaining it, is another. 

What are you doing today to start and/or remain in active recovery? 

It Blows in, Without a Sound – Addiction, Drepression, and Recovery

Martin Zellar hit it out of the park with this song about depression. The lyrics are insanely true, and this mental health disorder, is explained well through this song. Take it easy, and Enjoy the Ride Life Gives You Every Day! 

Martin Zellar – Low Road

It blows in without a sound
Like paper in a puddle you break down
Then it’s gone, and emptiness sets in
You’d give anything if you could cry again

Yeah, I know the doctors say
That they have these pills to take your blues away
Still it’s hard, I can’t pretend
That it wouldn’t be like killing off a friend

Yeah, it’s strange, but can’t you see
It’s there, it’s always been a part of me
And I’m scared to let go
Of a big part of the only me I know

Build it up and tear it down
In this kingdom of dark dreams I wear the crown
Every life, every face that I see
Has a sad story that overpowers me

In our hearts we must trust
Or our dreams will turn to stone or start to rust
Please hold on, and don’t let go
I’ll do my best to never let it show

It blows in without a sound
Like paper in a puddle you break down

GB Leighton – Addiction Recovery Music

GB Leighton continues to be an inspiration of mine, and this morning, while my 2,000+ songs on iTunes was on ‘random’, GB Leighton songs kept playing.  I thought this might be a sign that I needed to share some more of his music.

I am in no way affiliated with GB Leighton, other than I love his music, always have, and always will.  I have an eclectic collection of music, and GB Leighton’s music is a huge part of that.  Brian, the lead signer, continues to be an inspiration to me and always will.  He actually took the time at one his shows (Pequet Lakes, MN / Whitefish Chain of Lakes) to come off stage and talk to me for a while.  This meant a lot to me at the time, and still does.

Self Help Survival also supports sober musicians, and I will continue to share their music to inspire other, no matter who you are.

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