I Am Not Defined By My Addiction

Addiction recovery is a never ending journey, and a journey that takes patience. I have learned in my experience as a recovering alcoholic, that my behaviors still must coincide with my thought processes. 

You must stay positive for recovery to remain an active part of your life. Sometimes, the good ol’ saying “fake it until you make it” resognates true in a person’s daily approach. You must be real to yourself though, and know the difference between the talk of you or your disease. I am able to rationalize with the best of them, but for 5 years and 8 Months, I haven’t been able to rationalize picking up a drink. This is because I’ve stayed true to myself, and I seek positivity in my day. 

What are you doing or not doing to seek positivity in your day? 

Quotes of Recovery

Recovery is achievable if you believe in the process.  Everyone needs a little encouragement to stay motivated during times of success, or to tie a knot at the end of the rope, and hang on.  Recovery is not for the weak, but for those who are strong, and willing to say “enough is enough”, by taking action.

Enjoy these quotes, and hang on for the ride, because it’s a beautiful one!







Addiction Recovery – Nothing Else Matters

Staying active in addiction recovery is one of the most essential keys to your success.  When it comes down to recovery, and your sobriety, you need to put your needs first. The rest of the good ‘things’ and strong relationships will come after you are in recovery. Getting sober, or starting active recovery is one thing, but sustaining it, is another. 

What are you doing today to start and/or remain in active recovery?