I Am Not Defined By My Addiction

Addiction recovery is a never ending journey, and a journey that takes patience. I have learned in my experience as a recovering alcoholic, that my behaviors still must coincide with my thought processes. 

You must stay positive for recovery to remain an active part of your life. Sometimes, the good ol’ saying “fake it until you make it” resognates true in a person’s daily approach. You must be real to yourself though, and know the difference between the talk of you or your disease. I am able to rationalize with the best of them, but for 5 years and 8 Months, I haven’t been able to rationalize picking up a drink. This is because I’ve stayed true to myself, and I seek positivity in my day. 

What are you doing or not doing to seek positivity in your day? 

Youth and Addiction Book Campaign


Addiction and substance abuse is wreaking havoc on the youth in society (worldwide).  The statistics are astonishing that 1 out of 9 kids (minors under 18 years old) are using substances on a regular basis.  If you do the math, 1 out of 9 minors is 11%.of the next generation.

The substances that are prevalent in youth and society include: heroin, synthetic cannabinoids (K2), Vicodin®, methamphetamine, amphetamines, inhalants, Ecstasy, alcohol, and cigarettes, among all ages surveyed; hallucinogens, Ritalin®, OxyContin®, bath salts, over-the-counter cough medicines; cocaine, prescription pain relievers (narcotics other than heroin), sedatives, and crystal methamphetamine. (https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/high-school-youth-trends).

As a special education teacher of 13 years, I continue to witness the rise in possession and substance abuse on campus, and off campus.  The local media doesn’t find out about, or report every time a 15 year old is arrested on 2 felony counts of drug possession, or when an ambulance is called to a school for a drug overdose.

I have been writing blog posts, e-Books, and creating websites to inform society of addiction and mental health issues.  I have shared my personal experiences, strategies, and other important information to prevent, and treat substance abuse.

I am currently work on a book that addresses Substance Abuse among Youth.  This book will provide strategies to prevent, and methods to treat substance abuse.  It costs money to have books published, and I am going to create workbooks to go along with a curriculum.

Below is a link for my GoFundMe account to raise money to meet the costs of writing, publishing, and extra costs in relation to the production of a book / workbooks.  The profit I make from the books, will be completely donated up to the $5,000 I raise, and after that, 50% of profits will be donated to drug and alcohol treatment and prevention organizations.

GoFundMe Page: Youth and Addiction Campaign

References: National Institute on Drug Abuse (2016)

Building 429 – Listen to the Sound

Building 429 recently came to Austin, Texas to put on a benefit concert for the “Feed the Children” Organization.  I was already a big fan of this band, but the passion and heart they put into a concert was purely amazing!  The lyrics in all of their songs are inspiring and I can’t wait for their new CD to come out.  Building 429 plays music that relates to people from all walks of life.

I have created a playlist with some of their music below and I challenge you to listen to every song.  The lyrics alone will fill your heart and soul with courage and inspiration.  I have been through adverse times living with a dual diagnosis (bipolar and addiction disorder) in my life and now listening to the music by them makes me feel like I found one of the best bands to express my thoughts and feelings.

Building 429 travels all of the country to play benefit and independent concerts and I highly recommend that you go see them perform.  If you want to instantly feel connected to a band as they play, you should get tickets and head to a show.

Their tour dates are listed on: Building 429 Tour Dates

Where I Belong

Press On


We Won’t Be Shaken

Listen to the Sound